09 October 2005

Back to thinking

It's obvious to tell that play time is over and school or work has started again because:

1) More people are on MSN than before, suggesting that they are back at their desks studying or working.

2) The increase of the MSN population is followed by the higher number of 'busy' signs slapped up by people.

However, this might be misleading. I, for instance, am currently signed in as 'busy' but at this moment I am obviously blogging.

3) That is actually another sign of being back at work because it means I am procrastinating. If I had nothing to do it would not be possible for me to procrastinate. However, I do have work therefore I am procrastinating by writing this post. Thus, it is evident that it is term-time.

4) The more points I write are a sign of the amount of work I have. The more there is to do the more I procrastinate. Thus, the presence of this fourth point alone is a further indication that the holidays are not here anymore.

5) Ironically, the fact that I am writing in note form also shows that there is work to do because I would otherwise be writing in prose form. The fact that I am not doing that indicates that I am too lazy to think creatively (therefore procrastinate instead).

How's that for analytical thinking? If only I could apply it more to my homework...


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