16 October 2005

Working weekend

I had a good day yesterday helping some friends paint a property of theirs that they want to rent out. I think I made my art teacher at school habitually depressed whenever I picked up a paint brush but that didn't matter this time firstly because I was painting walls and ceilings so it was easy to keep within the lines and also because I got given a roller to use. I felt like a child again except I wasn't allowed to do finger painting (well, I could have but it would have taken a very long time to paint that room if I had).

It was fun working with everyone and even though it's Ramadan I never felt that tired. The good company definetly helped and so did the music we were listening to (Coldplay and Maroon 5 brilliant, the country western music perhaps less so). The girls were a bit suspiscious about the division of labour - they were placed in the kitchen while us boys were in the dining room. Hmm....

As I am a boy I work in 12-bit colours. I know what red, yellow and blue are but get confused when you start talking about magenta, magnolia or 'morning view'. However, I learned some new colours today. Apparently there is no longer any such thing as plain white because we got told to paint the ceilings 'satin white' and the walls 'matt white'. Then the shelves and trimmings were to be magnolia, which is basically an off-white. Who needs grey areas now?

It helps when you have a proffessional chef amongst you as well. Our efforts were rewarded by an amazing slap-up supper by Roland, after which I went home and had a shower to get the paint and dust off my body and the smell of emulsion out of my nose.

Thank you all for a fun day.


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