13 October 2005


A friend of mine took me completely by surprise today and asked me the following question: "If a girl asks if you want to have dinner with her, does that mean she wants to have sex with you?". I told him I was no expert but that it probably means she just wants to have dinner with you. However, as I am not a girl I thought my knowledge to be too insufficient to answer his query. I wrote to a female friend of mine, who offered the following advice:

"If the girl invited him to dinner then it could just be for the food but it could also be for the sex. I realise this is mightily unhelpful for your international horny friend, the best advice I have for him is to ask her "are you a slag"...if she doesn't slap him then he's going to get sex. It's bullet-proof. "

So there you have it.


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Anonymous PJ said...

Just tell your fren if he is Meant to have It he will have It..
If he wants it too badly he Will Not have it..thats life..when you want something too much you almost always never get it..

Anonymous Mus said...


Good advice PJ.

I don't think he is too keen, just making a comment on the way he thought things were in England.

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