03 October 2005

Happy Ramadan

To those fasting and those not,

Ramadan begins tomorrow and lasts for thirty days. Please forgive me for anything I have done inwardly or outwardly to wrong you in the past. Please forgive me in advance for any mistakes I may make in the coming month.

May God grant you all strength, peace and serenity in whatever you do and guide us all to have a calm inner feeling so that we may find what we need in our lives and can become good human beings who love each other in accordance with His will. May He also guide us so that, as the young generation, we may grow to become good honest people who can improve the world we live in, particularly at this troubled time in the history of mankind.

With love, hope and a prayer,


Anonymous PJ said...

Happy Ramadan Mus!
And peace to the world..

Anonymous mus said...

Thank you Pei Ji! Hope uni is going well.


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