03 April 2006

The killing of Kingsley

Saturday was a day of wonderful celebration but every silver lining has its cloud and this came in the form of the players murdering our mascot, Kingsley the lion.

Look at him here walking innocently along the pitch making the kids (and, let's face it, the adults too) happy. Why would you want to hurt such a loveable beast?

Then Reading score the fifth goal and the players decide that its time to get him:

Poor Kingsley was a lion to the celebration slaughter. Look at Siddy in that first pic. There's proper evil in his eyes there.

And to add insult to injury, Steve Sidwell parades his head to the blood-hungry crowd on the pitch:

RIP Kingsley Royal.

Click here for a great view of the pitch invasion by someone sitting at the top of the East Stand (I love the people shouting "get off the pitch". ITV video highlights of the game and the celebrations as well as interviews from the day are here.


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