01 April 2006


I will never EVER forget today. Has, Gubs and I had the gold-dust that were tickets to Reading v Derby today to hopefully see Reading win the league and they didn't dissapoint. Despite a shockingly bad first half, Reading ended up winning 5-0. There was a carnival atmosphere at the Madejski. We had three mexican waves and every song in the Reading hymn book came out as well as the unfamiliar cry of 'Champions!'.

The game was great but the events after the final whistle was even better. I think you'll get an idea of it in the video at the bottom of this post. We were confirmed champions and the PA Announcer asked the fans not to invade the pitch. Why did he even bother? He wasn't going to stop anyone...not even boring us. It was clear the stewards weren't going to be able to stop everyone so Has, Gubs and I took the once in a lifetime opportunity to invade a stadium football pitch and join in the ruck. It was awesome, not that you'd know from Has. As everyone ran on screaming and cheering like idiots, Has strolled on with his Ipod in his ear like he was walking down the highstreet.

I, on the other hand, was at my idiotic worst. See video for proof.
I am WARNING you now that I sing in the video and if you have heard me sing you know it's best for you to turn the sound right DOWN. This was my moment of madness. This was my Clapham Common:

Many apologies for the bad singing...just be thankful I cut out the bits where I'm dancing.

There was no emergency but the board got kicked down anyway. Has suggested taking it home with us but as I had already just committed a tresspass, I didn't want to add a charge of criminal damage or theft to my afternoon's work.

Gubs and I on the pitch

Has and I...still on the pitch

Living the dream by the South Stand goal posts

The players celebrate with us from the directors' box

The view the players had of the fans

I am so happy. I don't know how I'm going to force myself to do any work this weekend. Only two days of term left though, so I can have a short bit of time to sleep and dream of the Royals - Coca Cola League Champions 2006.


Blogger fe li ci a said...

hilarious mus.... HILARIOUS!


Anonymous mus said...

Sometimes you do stupid things when you're happy man :D

Anonymous vid said...

Mus!!! you should try for Indonesian Idol.. HAHAHHAHAH reminds me of the karaoke in Surabaya...

Anonymous mus said...

I don't think Indo Idol is in range. I'm still trying to get my voice back from Saturday ;)

Speaking about karaoke, when are you taking leave in summer? I'm back in July and August. We gotta do some karaoke again!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH mus!! hehehe..eh just wondering what camera do u use huh?

Anonymous mus said...

Yeah, I know...There's actually more where that came from :p I can't actually express how happy I was. It was one of the best moments of my life. If I wasn't so busy running around the place screaming, I'm sure I would have cried.

I just used the video function on my camera. It's a Sony Cybershot. That's all I know.

By the way, who are you 'anonymous'?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

never. sing. agen. lol. deadpan.


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