13 April 2006

Behind schedule

At first I said I'd start typing my essay on Monday. Then I realised there was more research to do so it became start typing by Tuesday. Then I got a cold and a headache so it became "start typing by Wednesday". Sooner or later it was "start on Friday morning". I haven't finished my plan yet so I'll probably only be able to start tomorrow night or Saturday morning...and then I have to start revising...and then I have to sit the exams...and in September I have to start the LPC...then starting work...then getting married, having kids, paying off a mortgage, kids' school fees, university, birthdays, weddings...AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

There is so much work to do!


Blogger fe li ci a said...

stop being paranoid mus...

you'll be fineeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

go get them tiger! roaaaar..

AHAHHAHAHAHAH..i'm damn funnyyy!!!!!! hahahahahaha...

Anonymous mus said...

Mate, you are bloody hilarious. Thanks for the encouragement. Will go get them...eventually ;)


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