13 June 2006

Like a big sneeze only better

Damn it feels good! It's been a deeply unpleasant last seven weeks but the marathon that is the GDL exams finally ended at 12.30 yesterday. The last exam could have gone much better than it did and if it was the first exam I would have been annoyed but, as it was the last one, I do not care a jot....until the results come out on 18th July anyway.

The best time after the last paper is always the morning after when you wake up realising you have absolutely nothing to do but yesterday was great as well. We were all spread out across London for the last few exams so it was good to all meet up at the same place afterwards. This is what it looks like after you have just finished twenty hours of exams:

The picture's a bit blurry but at least it's still good enough to show that G29 are the best looking group on the GDL.

The next stop was the Summer Ball at
Kensington Roof Gardens, which was a fantastic venue espescially on a warm and beautiful summer's night. The blue, white and pink backdrop of the sky made for a very relaxed mood around the place.

There were supposed to be flamingoes there but we went looking for them three times and only found ducks. Some people say they were taken away before rowdy law students could get their hands on them. Others say the flamingoes were just a myth. I think they were actually in those "chicken" burgers at the barbeque. Why do you think it cost £5 for one?

The best looking group on the GDL got a little bit better looking for the ball as well. Ladies in pretty dresses and gents tuxedoed and suited up to the ying yang.

Messrs Johnson and Kim were leading the way:

This picture shows that I need to practice my camera smile. There is just far too much cheese in there. I should learn from the closed-mouth-concealing-teeth style adopted by Stephen there.

An Italian, Englishman, Korean, Northern Irishman and Indonesian. There's got to be a joke in there somewhere. Seriously, though, the photo face again...

Signor Matteuci: Group Rep, Rocco fan, CEO of Annoying Questions plc and bearer of imperfect gifts.

The A-team: Alex and Amelia taken by Allen. All that's missing is Anna (Damn! I am on comic fire!).

Without wanting to stir, doesn't this look quite romantic?

Another Lovell-y couple.

It wouldn't be a post-exam celebration without some time on or around the dancefloor (This can be distinguished from time dancing around in front of the machine for recording goodbye video messages as some of us did. I hope that thing's not being made in to a DVD or anything):

Jun in the blue spotlight. When Alex told me to go and dance in it I knew it was time to stop my clumsy feet and go sit down.

There were some games outside including a massive Connect 4, which Matt and Jun had a go at:

The concentration was enormous.

One obvious advantage of not drinking is that you still have full control of your mind. I thought I could take advantage of this by taking on inebriated Jun at Connect 4 and then inebriated Jeremy at that game with the chips and the turning wheels, the name of which I can't remember. Despite being sober, I still lost both times. Like
England on Saturday, I blame the heat.

It was indeed a warm night so it was quite nice to sit and relax out in the gardens.

It was good to bump in to Leanne, who I did English with at Warwick but who I've hardly seen around college this year.

This is not Stephen and Jun wilting in the summer heat. This is actually Stephen and Jun exercising Stephen's plan of stopping pretty girls (or, as Stephen put it, "whoppers") who walked by where we were sitting.

There's been a lot of work since the course started in October but I've thoroughly enjoyed it. This is in no small part due to the fact that I've been in such a great tutor group. You guys have been different gear this year and I'm going to miss seeing everyone everyday next term. It's been an absolute privilege for which I cannot show you big enough love.

I got home around 3 and got up at 5.15 this morning to take Al and Debi to the airport. My are stinging as a result so I am now going to go and reacquaint myself with my good friends Mr Bed and Mr Pillow who I have been neglecting recently.


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