09 June 2006

World Cup Lovin'

The clock on the side bar's been ticking towards today for the last two month but we're finally here. It only comes once every four years but is a special special time for football fans and non-football fans alike. It's 9th June 2006 and it's the start of the FIFA World Cup.

Football is a simple game where eleven men try to kick a ball in to the net more times than another eleven men. But football is never just about the game it self. The World Cup will be watched by billions around the world and the mood of entire nations will be affected by how their team do. Take what happened at the last major tournament Euro 2004. There was a power cut that affected much of the country. This power cut happened at half-time of England v Portugal - because that was the time when nearly every household in the country switched the kettle on for a cup of tea. There are very few other sporting events that can contribute to the failure of part of the Natrional Grid. The events on the pitch and what happens outside are inextricably linked.

It's a time of hope, excitement, happiness, sadness, tragedy, controversy, heartbreak and at the end, for one lucky country, unbridled ecstasy. Emotions are a thing every human being understand so, like football or not, you'll love the World Cup. Pick a team and follow them through the tournament and you'll see what I mean. I'm picking England (the Dutch blood isn't quite as strong and Indonesia are not there). Everyone seems to think we'll win it. I won't go that far because there is a lot of quality out there but this is defintely the best team I have ever seen England send to the World Cup.

Whoever you're backing, good luck and believe. It's going to be a fantastic month.


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