24 May 2006

Business idea

It's been bucketing down for about a week now. I don't actually mind this because we're having a bit of a drought here so any water we get before summer kicks off is a good thing.

It did get me thinking though. In Indonesia it's possible to hire dukun (shayman) to do some sort of magic to stop the rain from coming if you have a special day where you need good weather. Some people do it for weddings, birthday bashes and, bizzarely, corporate golf days. How much money could you make if that happened here? Think about the flipside as well. In America, the Native Americans apparently have a rain dance to make the rain fall when it wasn't falling. You could probably make a packet from that too.

A lightbulb just went off in my head. Make a merger between Indonesian dukuns and Native American rain dancers so you can make the rain fall or leave as you please. Did I just hear something go 'cha-ching!'? Well, it could work but I wouldn't do it myself.

Got to be better than Ali G's idea though:


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