23 March 2006

Has is 21

Has is 21 and is therefore officially a grown up. This obviously meant that I had to take the opportunity to treat him as if we were still kids. I got him the most colourful birthday cake I could find him. I then bought him presents to remind him of the halcyon days of our infancy - a Thundercats T-shirt and a CD with all the kiddies songs we used to listen to in the car to school everyday.

What boy growing up in the 80s didn't love the Thunder Cats? We put the CD on and I've got to say without a tinge of embarrassment that I actually really liked the music. This isn't just because it's quite good for my nostalgic soul but because I genuinely enjoyed the tunes. My favourtie is definetly Benny Hill's Ernie. I think I just want to delay adulthood for as long as I can.

To fit in with the unintended memory lane theme, Kim had spent the last few months compiling photos and messages for Has from all his friends behind his back. It's interesting to trace the evolution of Has's haircut from bowl as a kid to quiff as a teenager to blondeness and then to general mess at the moment.

However, proof that turning 21 hasn't meant the exorcism of the child in Has was there when I saw this lying around in his hallway:

Happy Birthday 21st Birthday Has, my brother and in many ways my oldest mate.


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