31 March 2006

No Tomorrow

I've been giving No Tomorrow by Orson the old repeat button treatment for the last week. Not only is it a very addictive tune that's mirrored my mood since last Saturday afternoon, but I've come to the conclusion that the band are the biggest legends ever (well, maybe not 'ever' but pretty close).

They were on Soccer AM a few weeks back and because they didn't support any football team, they were made to pick a team name out of a hat. Lady Luck gave them Rotherham, who are currently floundering in the third tier of the English game. Rotherham are on the verge of bankruptcy and the end of their existence but their newest fans decided to help them out by going to the town to do a charity gig for free with all the proceeds going towards the club.

I know it's not helping the bigger causes such as world poverty but I love Orson for doing this. They've come all the way from America and probably don't know that much about 'soccer' but they've taken it upon themselves to go to unglamorous Rotherham to save their football club. Football teams often mean a lot to the communities that support them so Orson are doing a very valuable thing for the people of Rotherham . They've even put a sign about it on their

I take my hats off to them. Talking about hats, the video to No Tomorrow is below. The lead singer looks quite smooth in his hat. I rated him James-Bond-style when I first saw it but I saw another pic of him without the hat and he's got a mohawk. All that hard-earned smoothness went down the toilet. I don't rate him as much anymore but he's still a legend to me anyway. More importantly, I want to know who the girl in the video is.

It's a great song but I hope there is a tomorrow because I'm off to watch Reading with Has and Gubs and will hopefully be a witness to the day Reading won the football league. Cross your fingers for the Royals...


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