15 March 2006

Happy Birthday Jun!

Jun turned 28 yesterday, which also means he is wiser. It didn't stop him from interrupting the Tort tutorial by saying, "I just like to make public announcement: Shall we go to pub straight after lecture?". The tutor was as surprised as everyone else. I had tears rolling down my cheeks from laughing.

So to the pub we went to celebrate his birthday.
The cake looks ok now but Kate and I waited so long for everyone to sit down before appearing with it that the candles had almost fully melted in to the cake by the time we reached the table.

It obviously tasted good. Alex wouldn't let a single morsel go to waste.

"I am available."

Amelia came up with a game. Write a name of someone at BPP on a piece of paper and stick it on your neighbour's forehead without letting them see the name. They then have to guess who they are, asking only 'yes' or 'no' questions. I think that's all that's needed to explain these photos:

Norman looks prettier than he normally does

Leo aka 'Rocco' Matteucci

Con and Ad tutor Anna x2

Happy Birthday Jun!


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