24 September 2005

I ate all the pies

I did the worst thing you could ever do the day before going out trouser shopping: I ate. A lot. And part of me's not even ashamed.

I went out last night to a pre-Ramadan selamatan and I thought I wouldn't get any supper there so before I left the house I made sure I had a bite to eat. Then of course when I got to said destination there was food laid on for everybody after the prayers. I wasn't hungry (in fact I was still quite full from earlier) but it would have been rude not to eat so I did.

Then when I got home just before midnight my sister told me she saved some food for me. Half a deep-pan pizza actually. I was still properly saturated, but again, it would have been rude not to eat when she'd made the effort and it pained me to see it go to waste (well, this is what I told myself anyway). So I ate it. The whole thing. I went to sleep straight afterwards so now I am full. I resisted the need for breakfast this morning but I am still feeling full.

What a schoolboy error. I'm off to get some trousers in a minute but I now have to rethink my tactics. My belt's feeling tighter around my waist. Do I take in to account of my excesses last night and try on a larger pair while risking the eventuality that my stomach will return to it's 34 inch state? Or do I try the regular 34 inch pair but risk the fact that by some horrible freak of nature my belly does not return to its normal state and I remain somewhat portly?

Decisions decisions. Whatever happens you know I will still probably go get some lunch while I'm out anyway.


Blogger miss DYnam!te said...

hey mus!! dina here...yeah i've been having pants trouble also. i'm getting fatter n i cant get into old jeans!! arrrgghhh... got a new bloggie btw www.shortpinkgirraffe.blogspot.com take care then


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