21 September 2005

Law is serious

I've been doing some pre-reading for Law School. The induction pack includes some tips on legal essay writing. I challenge you to keep a straight face at this glittering pearl of wisdom:

"In general, avoid levity. Use formal, standard English. Your tutor may have adopted a fraternal attitude in class. He/she may have made jokes at which you dutifully laughed and he may even have laughed at your jokes. But sitting in a lamp-lit, lonely study, grading tests, he/she is a different person. His/her only interest is to get through the stack of examinations, and to assess the knowledge of each student and be reasonably certain he/she has not erred in his judgement. Jokes are the last thing he/she is interested in, and your efforts at levity may even be punished. The same goes for folkiness, slang and colloquialisms. At best, these waste your space, and his/her time."

I am not letting anyone at school know about this blog.


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