12 December 2006

Silence is easy

I talk too much and am a very bad listener. I don't know why but sometimes I find myself talking so much that I even start asking people questions but then answering them myself before the other person has had time to think and then before they know it I've gone off on another tangent. It is a weakness and I imagine that any of you who have experienced me doing this must get deeply frustrated. I do apologise.

I did have a think about it last night and there are a few reasons why I think I talk too much sometimes:

1) I'm nervous. People who are nervous need to release energy. Some people bite their nails, other people shake their knee. I just talk. Forever.
2) I'm thinking something over in my mind that I can't come to a conclusion to so I subconsciously air my thoughts to the world to validate my thoughts.
3) I feel a burden to entertain. I don't want people to get bored or feel shy around me so I just talk...probably about stuff that they find boring or uncomfortable anyway.

One final reason did dawn upon me as well. Sometimes, you see, talking about one thing is the best way to make sure that another thing remains silent. And for me that is when the silence becomes so easy:


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