22 June 2006

Old cards

When is it alright to get rid of old birthday/christmas/goodbye or other cards? I did some clearing out of my drawers today and found a load of old cards. Some of them are three years old. I never like throwing away cards. For some reason it justs seems wrong. They're well-wishes from people and if I threw them away it'd feel like I was throwing away their kindness.

Enough's got to be enough at some point though. They're taking up a lot of space and if I keep collecting them they'll need a whole drawer of their own. Maybe even a whole cupboard. Then again, I can't take people's kindness for granted and the card pile might not actually grow very much, which would leave me without a problem.

Is it alright to get rid of them? Some are fairly personal, especially the hand-made ones so those shouldn't go. People put a lot of effort in to them and, to be honest, they're quite touching! It reminds you of your mates and bring back good memories. They've got to stay. They're like photos in that way. I never throw away photos. I don't like the feeling of putting someone's face in the bin.

What about the other cards though? Even if they only say "Dear (you), Happy Birthday. Best wishes, (mate)". Is it rude to chuck them? Maybe people won't be offended if they get binned. I just don't know. At the end of the day, I'm more practical than I am sentimental so some of these are going to have to go. My justifications for this are:
1) If I sent someone a card of course it's always nice for it to be recognised but I wouldn't want it to become a burden on them for life. If you need to chuck my card, just chuck it.
2) It is cheesy and it is very un-Who Ate All the Pie? but the fact of the matter is that relationships don't exist on paper but within the people the relationship is between. A lost piece of paper doesn't remove an inner feeling...well, at least it shouldn't anyway. If this theory is true, a lost card won't make a difference.
3) As a comprimise, I promise to put these cards in a recycle bin so at least they are still being used for someone's good in the end.

I've clearly got too much time on my hands if I am taking time to think about what is and what isn't valid rubbish.


Blogger PJ said...

i gave away lots of those bear soft toys that people like to give me for birthdays and christmas etc. i gave it to charity. i reckon its better than letting them sit on the window sill to collect dusts.
i keep all my cards. even those i receive when i was in primary school. gosh that seem like ages ago. throwing away cards just seem so wrong so wrong.

Anonymous mus said...

Since primary school?? That is impressive. You make me feel like an ungrateful man.


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