21 January 2006


Adj. (Noun: Irony)1. Rain on your wedding day. 2. A free ride when you've already paid. 3. Good advice that you just didn't take. 4. Traffic jam when you're already late. 5. No smoking sign on your cigarette break. 6. Ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife. 7. Meeting the man of your dreams and then his beautiful wife.

Attributed: 1995. Alanis Morissette, Ironic. Popular music.

That's a pretty good stab at a definition of the word by Alanis Morissette there but I think she's got it wrong. Most of the things she sings about as ironic aren't so much ironic but are really just examples of pains in the arse. It's not ironic if there's a traffic jam when you're already late. It's just annoying.

I'll tell you what is ironic. It's telling the DVLA that you've moved house but them still sending your car tax disc payment form to your old house in Coventry and you having to leg it up there to collect and pay it to avoid a fine, then getting back home from Cov and finding that they've sent an identical form to your new adress.

I can't believe I went all the way up there only to find the same form on the doormat when I got home. Never mind. It happens. It was a good excuse to see people for a short bit as well. Next time I come up I'll give everyone more notice.


Anonymous Mr Chris said...

OH mann.. the DVLA did that to ya?.. AHAHAH... that must've been annoyin bruv!

Any excuse to go Warwick Mus... i knuu uuuuu... AHAHAHHA


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