30 December 2005

Indonesian Soc Reunion

Had a reunion with ex-Warwick Indonesians last night. It was good seeing everyone again and hearing what they've been up to. I felt very young. While I sauntered in after a day on the sofa, everyone else had just come in from work. I was in t-shirt and they were in collars. Hengky, who has just got married, had to leave early because his in-laws are visiting. Phillips couldn't even make it because he is away on his honeymoon. Willy had to go early as well because he had an early start at the office this morning. Everyone's getting older. I began to realise just how much freedom there is being a 22 year old student and I am loving it.

Chris and Fel, this one's just for you:

By the way Vid, if you are reading this at the office you better stop and get back to work.

Thank you Febri for organising! Selamat tahun baru all.


Blogger fe li ci a said...


thaaaaanxx for the piccss.. you guys reaaaally look damn ugly! HAHAHAHAHAH.....wowww...vid looooks sooo preeeeetttyyyy...!!!! ahahahaha....and more than half of the people i dont know man... and of course mus.. you look as good looking as always! AHHAHAHAHAH...

Anonymous Mus said...

And, as always, "I know man".

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahh Fel u should have come back too. then u can get to know ALL the people.

and Mus, yes I am reading this from office. trying not to get caught. heheh

happy new year to all.


Anonymous KERiss! said...

mus and vid, u done me & fel proud.. AHAHAHAHAH

Anonymous Ann said...

Ann is a Scammer and a pirate. Think twice before your report people.


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