28 December 2005

Five random points

My apologies to Jen for taking so long about this but I have been in bed with a fever for two days. Anyway, as per her request, here are five random points:

1) I never seem to get ill during term-time but invariably break down at the start of the holidays when my body is fed up with me.

2) I always get wierd dreams when I'm ill and I think they are real. Last night I woke up in a cold sweat after I dreamt that I was a mediator between two women in a dispute about who owned each of the four pillows I had on my bed. I woke up needing some water. I was obviously a bit delirious because before I tried to sleep again I looked at the pillows on my bed and actually tried to work out who they belonged to. It confused me so much and when I returned to my dream I got angry with the women for having such a stupid argument.

3) Barring getting up for that sip of water, I slept for 15 straight hours. My record is about 20 hours when I was put in my school's sanitorium four years ago.

4) I prefer 'alternative'/natural medecine (eg. acupuncture, herbs etc) to western chemical remedies. A few years ago I had some bad masuk angin (I don't know how to explain what this is in English) and I got taken to see this guy called Alfred who lived at the back of a slum in Kemang (South Jakarta). He cured me by banging the sole of my left foot with a hammer. It was damn painful but it worked a treat.

5) I don't conform to the rule that says "Starve a fever, feed a cold". I feed everything.


Blogger fe li ci a said...

take caaaaaaaaare musssssss!!!

Blogger 89 said...

Mate what was your degree in again?! 'wierd' = 'weird'

Anonymous Mr ChRISSSHH said...

dude... acupuncture suCKSSss!!... my ankle's still MESSEDD UPPPP!!... any HERBAL remedies u kno of??.. ask ur sensai in South Jakarta man!!... AHAHHA...

Ciaoo dude, take care, and come back in one piece!!!

Blogger Mus said...

Thank you Fel for your concern and Vaq and co for the spelling correction.

Chris, don't know herbal remedies for a busted ankle man. Not sure you want to go see Alfred with a broken ankle either...he'll take the thing apart with his hammer!

Blogger miss DYnam!te said...

OMG mus...i have the worse case of angin also! if i ever go to jakarta u have to take me and see alfred! :P


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