17 December 2006


While revising for Property, I came across this passage in my manual:

"The drama and excitement attached by the client to his house move is not always shared by the solicitor, for whom this client's completion is just one of many which will be carried out by the solicitor on every working day. The drama of completion affects the solicitor only when things go wrong, for example if the money is not received by the seller and he will not allow the buyer in to possession, or if the seller's mother-in-law refuses to move out of the property and the buyer's removal van is standing outside the gate waiting to unload its contents. An understanding of what happens at completion and why it happens, and careful planning of what appears to be a mundane event (until it goes wrong), will avoid most of the foreseeable problems attached to completion."

- We do a boring job.
- The only time it gets exciting is when we mess up.
- The feeling we strive for is not that of success but of relief from knowing we didn't screw up.
- We're not supposed to enjoy anything, just fear that we have made a mistake.
- The mother-in-law ruins everything.

I am soooo inspired about my career now.


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