05 September 2005

It's on like Donkey Kong!

The house was deserted this morning. Three have gone back to England, one was at school, both parents were out and the other two (plus four blondes, a Welsh girl and an Irishman) went to Bali.

I sat on my own for a bit wondering what to do with myself for the next week and then the answer came. Mr Alister Brunskill phones to say there is a
BIS (my old school) vs BIS Old Boy football match on Friday. Ooh baby! I am up for it! Thing is, I have nightmares from the last Old Boys match I played in about three years ago. BIS whipped us about 25-4 (prosterity will only know the score was 6-3 because that's what went in the school magazine but only because everyone had lost count of the score after about 10-0).

We had an amazing team but we were so damn unfit. Has and I hadn't played for a term, Keith is usually amazing but he'd spent the last year of uni in the pub and chippy. We thought it would be alright with Emmott and Bailey in midfield but even they had spent the whole of the previous six months smoking and drinking. We suffered and were already half way to fainting after about twenty minutes.

Thus, you can understand the irony in the fact that I had just swiped clean a second plate of the left over tiramisu Mum made on the weekend when Al called. I obviously didn't see it at the time because I had a good helping of rice and sate for lunch. Friday could be painful. I'm officially spending the rest of the week getting my legs, heart and lungs ready to take the boys on.

Well, right after a bit more tiramisu...


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