02 September 2005

Heart on your wrist

So much for hearts in mouths or sleeves. Everyone's wearing theirs on their wrists at the moment. Even I (yes, no-nonsense dresser I) am now wearing one. It is from the Hard Rock Hotel, is green and says 'Love All Serve All'. It's just a reminder to myself of how to be if I ever get annoyed with someone, which generally happens at least once a day.

It's good to see what people stand for. However, it does seem to be naturally human to want to 'Beat Bullying' and 'Make Poverty History'. I want to see more personalised bands so we can really see what gets to people and what they individually want to see changed about the world.

I have a few things myself that I would like to see changed for the good of all humanity. If I could make bands out of them they'd, amongst others, be:

A band against people displaying their builder's bum: "Hide That Hiney"

A band against exam invigilators talking to each other and laughing at how easy a paper is when you are struggling with it: "Sit Down, Shut up".


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