01 September 2005

Goodbye all over again

Tuesday night was great. Had a Warwick Indo Soc reunion with Vidya, Fel, Richard, Febri, Dirra and, once she'd finally left work, Eugenia. It was a really good laugh and I was happy to be all together again. We're accustomed to meeting on the Arts Centre sofas but the Atria at Plaza Senayan sufficed this time.

The last year has been really good for us. We were much more active as a society and became a much closer group of mates than we had been before. Where before it seemed as if we were a management team in charge of PPI-Coventry, this year I've felt that it's been more like a group of mates and it's made it so much more fun. I may just be being sentimental but they were all there for what were two of the happiest moments for me in the last year - we had dinner together the evening I finished my final exam and we were together at our almost-award winning Asia Day Stall when I got the call offering me my job.

Sadly, though, it was finally time to say goodbye to the Warwick Indonesian I have known the longest - Vidya. Of course, I've said what I thought was my last goodbye three times in the last three months but I've always managed to see her again. I'm not sure about this time though because she has left for Singapore in search of work and probably won't be back before I leave to England. She probably won't mind this after the ribbing we were giving her about keeping Chris in cotton wool from us for so long (Febri, kamu jahat amat!).

I thought I'd left having to say goodbye back at Graduation but clearly not. I've had good practice at saying it lately but I still hate it. The rest of you Indo's better keep in touch.


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