14 August 2005

It's back!

Spread the news and let the world rejoice. But blow no trumpets for my return to blogging. Instead, give it loudy for the return of the football season. Woohoo! I was already experiencing some withdrawal symptoms (ask Jen, whose offer of a kickabout I turned down in favour of a trip to the Bullring) so it's lucky the season's begun again.

And what a start it was for Manchester United. We won 2-0 at Everton yesterday and played like a team who could seriously challenge for the title again. Did you expect any less? Park Ji Sung looked good on his debut, as did Edwin van der Sar in net. Talking about pies, the biggest thing to come out of yesterday was how important a player Wayne Rooney is going to be for us this season. He was immense just behind van Nistelrooy in attack. Everything good about United's attacks stemmed through him be it through his fast running or imaginative and accurate passing. I'll give him my pie anyday.

Last week I went to the start of the Championship at the Madejski Stadium to see the mighty Reading vs Plymouth Argyle. Plymouth painfully won 2-1 in the last minute so we'll not talk about the game.

However, the day did give me an idea of an alternative career. If all goes to pot at law school, I'm going to try my hand at being a football mascot. How cool a job would that be? You get to dance around the pitch like an idiot and hug the players when they score and no one knows who you are cos you're dressed as an over-sized cuddly toy. Yet another thing to consider over the next glorious nine months of the English football season.

If anyone else is considering going in to mascotdom, check out http://www.sports-mascots.co.uk/ . South End United's mascot Sammy the Shrimp is now officially my favourite shrimp in the world.


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